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Oops! Look At What Ilhan Omar Just Posted On Social Media!

Talk about a big mistake!

Sometimes theres a side of you that just don’t want anyone to see…

Now, According to the Sean Hannity, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been a very controversial figure since being elected, accidentally posted what could be one of her stupidest question yet.

Have we ever had an impeached President, deliver the State of the Union address while he is on trial in the Senate?” Omar wrote on Twitter. “Given the audience in the room will be both his prosecutors and jurors on said trial.”

As most Americans already know, Bill Clinton delivered his 1999 SOTU address shortly after lawyers made their opening remarks during his impeachment.

Twitter users were quick to give Ilhan Omar a history lesson, something she should have known as an elected official in the first place.

One Twitter user wrote, “Um yes we have Einstein. @BillClinton delivered his State of the Union on January 19th he was impeached on December 19th and acquitted on February 12th. Pretty sure you know this and you’re just hoping to fool your ignorant base OR you’re really that dumb.”

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Image credit: welt.de