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Look At What Schiff Got Caught Doing On Video Last Night

These people are truly the scum of this nation…

While President Trump, his family, and the rest of the Republican party have been praying for the future of this great nation, get a load of what Adam Schiff and the rest of the House Democrats got caught doing last night!

According to the Gateway Pundit, House Intel Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff along with a handful of other House Democrats were caught late last night in one of Washington D.C.’s most expensive restaurants, Charlie Palmer, drinking and celebrating President Trump’s impeachment!

CEO Alex Bruesewitz quickly spotted Schiff and his lousy Democratic friends and immediately tweeted about it.

“Hosting my holiday dinner at Charlie Palmer tonight,” Bruesewitz wrote. “Adam Schiff & House members thought that they would also come to one of the most expensive places in DC to celebrate their impeachment sham.”

“So in touch with the American people!” he said. “I lost my appetite because of these scum bags.”

“Now they’ll be on TV today saying what a somber and sad day in history this is. These people disgust me,” he added.

Can you believe that? All, once again, on taxpayers money…

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Image credit: Fox News