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Kamala Harris’ New Job After Quitting 2020 Race Revealed

Just when we thought we have heard the last of Kamala Harris, we are now learning that she could soon be filling another position and it could be a real nightmare for Republicans.

Democrats such as Cory Booker, Bernie Sander, and Joe Biden have all expressed anger and frustration over the fact that Harris dropped out. Some even blaming racism for her failures.

Now, According to the Washington Examiner, Joe Biden is considering making her his running mate! He didn’t just stop there, he even floated the idea of having her appointed as a Supreme Court justice.

“We lost a really good one, the senator from California,” Biden said, referring to Kamala Harris. “She is capable of being president or vice president or on the Supreme Court or attorney general. Her capacity is unlimited.”

“We have so many people who have such great talent,” Biden said. After being asked if he would consider her as his running mate, Biden replied, “Of course I would.”

Do you think Biden, if nominated, will make Kamala Harris his running mate and will it mean bad news for President Trump in 2020? Let us know in the comments below…

15 thoughts on “Kamala Harris’ New Job After Quitting 2020 Race Revealed



  3. Marcia says:

    WOW and the DUMBORATS what this jackass for President. Whatever happened to Michael Obama for VP among the others he has talked about? Does this guy even know his own name? Does he even know what he is doing? We have stories about how he went to an all back school, how he was in the rights program, how he loves kids sitting on his lap, how they would play with the hair on his legs, oh and lets not forget the smelling of females hair along with the touchy touchiness. Mrs Biden, and any other Bidens out there you need to take this man and admit him to the nut house. No one wants this idiot for President!!!

  4. Dicky says:

    Anyone who votes for any Democrat is a total idiot and Biden has a mental problems anyway, should be put in a mental center.

    1. Sharon says:

      I agree

  5. Glenn Miller says:

    Anytime a black person fails at what they do or does not get their way they claim racism… All of my black friends have made their own way in life without crying racism. Also,were not lazy or being healthy and going on welfare…

  6. Bonnie MacGregor says:

    I don’t really think so. I mean, just imagine that pair running the Country. If you can’t, just review their behavior and content during the demoncrats “debates” for edification.

  7. Carl powers says:

    I don’t think the Democrats have any chance at all of winning the Presidency for at least the next 8 years after the mess they have made of the impeachment

  8. Zakkova says:

    Harris and Biden both have shit for brains so they would be a good match. Trump and Pence will kill them in a general election. What a fucking joke Biden and Harris are. Real dumbasses.

  9. Harley says:

    i don’t see as it matters, she is a prostitute regardless.

  10. harley G collins says:

    Probably planned by demos too get a ticket too beat out the other demo tickets? Still stinks though like rotten onions.

  11. Sam says:

    I’m all for that ticket! It is a slam dunk for Trump !

  12. Steve says:

    I think people would act really stupid again like they did when Obama ran, just to prove they aren’t sexist racists. Democrats can be really stupid at times like this.

  13. Buck says:

    If sleepy Joe was to be Pres. he would not need a Monica like Bill, he could have a kamala. Lets vote for President Trump to be sure that we do not get any of the do nothing Dems in that office !

  14. smokey says:

    Look any woman who loves giving HEAD to any man and especially Willy Brown has shit for brains. She is no good through and through. Old Joe like Willy must have a similar thought in mind.

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