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Trump Tells Nadler To “Shove It” Regarding Impeachment

Ever since the Democrats have launched this Impeachment inquiry into President Trump, they have only proven one thing. The Democrats are full of crap.

Today President Trump let Nadler know just that.

According to the Daily Caller, President Trump jetted off to London this morning for the NATO summit doubling down on his stance that he is NOT planning to attend the first impeachment hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Pat Cipollone, Counsel to the President, sent a letter to Jerrold Nadler claiming Trump’s team “cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings.”

Did Trump do the right thing? Or should he have stayed here and let the Democrats once again hinder his important presidential work? Let us know in the comments below…

20 thoughts on “Trump Tells Nadler To “Shove It” Regarding Impeachment

  1. ahem tonto says:

    A coup is not avalid impachment process. They declared Trump should be impeached almost before he became President. I want equal justice for all of the ecoup members, from Obama, Biden and Clinton on down.

    1. joe sonelli says:

      we have to have that. Enough is enough! They act like they have supreme power and can’t be held accountable! Bullsh.t!!!!!!

    2. Stephen Sharp says:

      Good for Pres. Trump!! Dems are breaking the laws of this country, should be tried for treason!!

  2. Why does the Republican bother to even answer the stupid Deocrates.

  3. Dave Powers says:

    This is a total farce by the liberal Democrats who will pay the price election time if you love America you’ve got to love President Trump thank you Mr. President and I stand behind you 110%

    1. Sam says:

      These FOOLS are like a super Nova; one big flash; AND then they are gone. What we are witnessing is the END of the democratic party….!

  4. James Swelgin says:

    The demorats are trying to put 10 pounds of dung in 1 pound leaky bag

  5. Charles Sopha says:

    President Trump did the right thing by leaving to join the NATO summit and show the democrats that they don’t control him or his office. He’s repeatedly demanded to know the identity of the whistleblower. Something that the democrats have refused to give up. The president has every right to tell both Schiff and Nadler where and how to get off his back. Everyone, even the most dense of true believers in the democratic party knows that he did nothing wrong to be impeached over.

    1. The NATO summit has been scheduled for months and little Nader expects the POTUS to bow to his meaningless B.S. on two days notice? He got off easy I would have told itty bitty nadler to CMA. I can’t help myself, nadler is just a piss ant.

      1. Tina Moore says:

        You are so right Jerry. This NATO summit has been in the works. Dems know it and want to play their frigging games. They’ll be sorry in 2020 when Republicans sweep the election. The President is right to tell Nadler to shove it. The whole impeachment nonsense is tiresome balderdash.

  6. George Proctor says:

    The “BRAYING JACKASES”” are just that all noise and no substance. Pelosi has an ulterior motive. She has a conflict of interest, as third in line for the presidency, if she gets Trump impeached, then she can go after Pence and then who is the President.

  7. What the Hell are you fascists whining about and keep screaming, “FOUL!” about? The way the orange butt plug will clear his criminal self is by proving his accusers wrong and providing proof, by letting the people that can prove his innocence testify as to his innocence instead of obstructing due process at every turn. He demeans the left and everybody who calls him out on his criminality, he offers no proof which will prove he’s innocent, and he always does nefarious deeds like a juvenile delinquent. There is no excuse for Trump’s and his Party’s stance as they speak erroneously when confronted and when held accountable. The orange turd bucket’s reaction to the allegations forwarded by the Democrats is typical of someone who’s guilty and can only lash out in anger because he has nothing else to prove his innocence. These idiots on the right expect the Democrats to fall for their delinquent bullshit behavior. Go fu__k yourself you tiny hands toilet fish!

    1. Rick says:

      Well, you certainly have modeled outstanding command of the English language, and how to alienate anyone sitting on the fence – but hey, this situation has its origins long before he was sworn in, so it must be much ado about nothing.

    2. FRED says:


    3. Right back at ya Skippy!

    4. your alter ego says:

      My My My Arturd ain’t we just a fun filled lollipop triple dipped in psychosis. You freaking mentally deranged bipeds wouldn’t know the truth
      if it bit you right in the arse.I see you like all the rest of the DemocRATS have studied/read Saul Alinsky’s book Handbook for Radicalism. You all tend to shift the blame for your own actions onto someone else by not accepting the blame. Much like Hillery had done and still is doing. It isn’t my fault. To much of a coward to stand up an say It was my fault. You left wing nuts are all extremist.

  8. Rae Lynn says:

    Right back at ya Skippy!

  9. Ray says:

    Thump gets impeached pence becomes president pence pardons trump pence a points trump Vice President pence resigns thump becomes president appoints pence Vice President .

  10. Jesse says:

    Gonadler is allowing Schiff to dictate the rules on this FARCE they are calling Impeachment but both are WRONG about the end of this Matter. See Nutsy won’t allow a FLOOR vote since that would put a target on the back of every Democrap and RINO who voted for Impeachment. See unlike their little Committee testimonies they CAN NOT HIDE a FLOOR VOTE it is Public Record as is what they say till the Vote is taken. C-SPAN and the records of all that goes on during such a vote would be used against these Democraps and RINOS and that would not be to the Party’s good so Nutsy won’t allow a vote. She HATES Trump more than she cares about America but she loves her POWER more than anything. So no matter what IDIOTS like Gonadler and Schiff do Nutsy will stop them from hurting her and the Democraps as a whole.

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