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Republican Totally Ruins Adam Schiff Day

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the House Democrats have been a thorn in President Trump’s side for too long.

They are doing everything in their power to distract, hinder, and prevent President Trump from doing his job. Now, they are going to have to pay…

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) shocked Fox’s Chris Wallace, who has a long time Trump-critic, after he informed him that the Republicans will demand that Adam Schiff testify under oath before the committee.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Collins stated, First and foremost, the first person that needs to testify is Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff is the author of this, Adam Schiff has been the author of many things, a lot of them found to be false over the last couple years. But he is the author of this report. He’s compared himself in the past to a special counsel. This is what he said he was doing. Well if we look back to Clinton, with Clinton Ken Starr was the special counsel and he presented a report that we are going to get in the Judiciary. He actually came and testified under oath and took questions. My first and foremost witness is Adam Schiff.

Do you think the Republicans should force Schiff to testify? Let us know in the comments below…

12 thoughts on “Republican Totally Ruins Adam Schiff Day

  1. YES !!! YES !!! That’s all fokes.

    1. Mac says:


  2. John R Frost Jr says:

    Make Schiff testify.

  3. YES! MOST CERTAINLY! that, evil, lying SOB, should be the very 1st ‘human’ (& I am saying human-not really ‘knowing’, if it is or not), should be the VERY FIRST, to be ‘questioned under oath’! Except for the fact that we all know, he will lie! That ‘humanoid, should not be allowed to control any aspect of our Country’s business! Shiffy & Nad/Nad-should not even be allowed into OUR Congress! Prevarications/lies/underhanded ‘black’ prevarications-the list goes on & on! EVIL IS EVIL-where that ‘SLIME’ is concerned!

  4. Absolutely Yes, that snake needs to be held accountable. I am so sick an tired of my taxpayer money being spent on hoax investigations.Also Pelosi and her Democrats that are flying overseas for climate change that is a crock of BS. Let
    them spend their own money.

  5. Jo says:

    absolutely Make Adam Shiff head testify under oath and when he lies put him in Prison for perjury and put him in jail with the regular prisoners I am sure they would love a fresh body If you know what I mean.

  6. Al Barrs says:


  7. Ronald hubner says:

    You bet we’ve had way too much of democrat’s Now so let’s get the the truth .I don’t under stand why this kind
    Junk is followed by the crooked News Media!

  8. Arlene Brown says:

    The lying idiot must testify under oath

  9. harley G collins says:

    How much more of this crap can the government put up with ? They are costing the government millions collecting their salaries For doing a job that they are not doing and keeping the president from doing his job . Who tells them what they are supposed too do each day at work?? Do they just go in and do what they want without supervision of any kind or agenda ?? Does each one work from home and phone in what they did for the day?? How about a schedule of what they are supposed too do Too Make Are country Great Again. Besides tripping the president up all the time doing his job without any help from them.

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